Funding Opportunities

Call for applications for Education Program

To build upon APRIL’s current research and education and training investments, APRIL is currently seeking applications to support its education program and assist in further building human capacity for the Industry. A number of different opportunities exist for undergraduate and postgraduate students/potential students within APRIL, as follows:

  1. Scholarship Awards for Honours students.
  2. ‘Top-ups’ for postgraduate research students (PhD, MS/MSc/MPhil) in an APRIL-funded research project (or related).
  3. Support for DVM/undergraduate Veterinary Science projects.
  4. Support for MS/MSc/MPhil students, where a research project is an incorporated component of the program of study, in an APRIL-funded research project (or related).
  5. Part-support for PhD students.


Eligibility varies according to the different scheme being applied for. Make sure the Guidelines associated with each opportunity are read thoroughly before starting/submitting an application.

How do I apply?

Information concerning the different education opportunities from APRIL, including Guidelines and application forms, can be found below. Completed applications should reach APRIL by the closing date, and the outcomes will be announced after the closing date. The APRIL Education Advisory Committee will assess all applications against APRIL-related criteria including the academic record and curriculum vitae of the applicant, the applicant’s research potential including the research proposal, alignment with APRIL research priorities, evidence of industry endorsement/relevance, a personal statement from the applicant, the supervisor(s) track record, and a communication and delivery plan (if appropriate). APRIL will determine the number of, and the amount of, any grant awarded.

Applications should be lodged electronically to Dr Charles Rikard-Bell at (email), Questions on any of the Awards should be directed to Professor John Pluske at (email),, or 0410 436871.

Important dates:

Applications open: 19 October 2020
Applications close: 15 January 2021

Expressions of Interest Open for APRIL Kickstart Program

The Kickstart Program is a new initiative that can provide up to $7,500 for an individual/organisation(s) to assist with the preparation and submission of a specific, targeted and agreed major external funding application (or applications) in partnership with APRIL and other partners.

Significant external funding pools exist both nationally and internationally for potential investment. The Kickstart Program aims to increase the number of applications that are prepared and submitted to external funding organisations that ultimately increase the funding pool to undertake more of APRIL’s activities, in alignment with Transformational Project and Industry Priority Project priorities in the Strategic Plan.

Expressions of Interest (EoI) for project applications not seeking Kickstart funds may also be submitted but must adhere to the same principle of being a specific, targeted major external funding application in partnership with APRIL (and other partners), in alignment with the APRIL Strategic Plan.

To apply for a Kickstart award, complete an EoI form (linked below) and email it to Professor John Pluske, APRIL CEO/Chief Scientist, at, by 16 October 2020. Questions concerning the program can also be directed to Professor Pluske on 0410 436 871.

Important dates:

  • September 14 2020: applications open
  • October 16 2020: applications close.
  • October 19-30 2020: assessment of applications and Zoom interviews (if required).
  • November 2020: decision outcomes.

APRIL Commercialisation Project Proposal

APRIL Commercialisation Projects require an external cash component comprising of 20% of the total cash project cost. The duration of a commercialisation project is negotiable if greater than 12 months.

The call for commercialisation projects is open all year round.

To apply for an APRIL Commercialisation Project, complete the Commercialisation Project Proposal form and the Budget and Milestones template.

For further information and to submit your proposal, contact Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, mob +61 439 513 723 or email