The APRIL Product Development Scheme is an initiative that can provide up to 50% of the costs of performing studies to assess new products (includes services or technologies) in a commercial environment for the benefit of the pork industry. 

What projects are eligible? 

Projects must meet the following criteria:

1. Product solves a current problem without a current solution OR provides a significantly better solution to the current options; 

2. The proposed product should be accompanied with credible scientific data sets (and safety data etc., if applicable); 

3. Project parties must contribute at least 50% of the project cash costs; 

4. The Applicant must identify the pathway to commercialisation of the product, including regulatory approvals and a commercial partner (or partners); 

5. The applicant must provide an acceptable commercial return to APRIL, if the product is successfully launched; 

6. The Applicant acknowledges that the project results will be released to industry and be published, subject to any confidentiality restrictions required to protect any underlying intellectual property. 

How and when do I apply? 

Complete the Expression of Interest form and email to Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, APRIL Manager Commercialisation and Research Impact ( Applications can be made at any time. 

How will applications be assessed? 

Applications will be reviewed by APRIL’s Commercialisation Advisory Panel, and a recommendation made to the APRIL Board. 

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria: 

• Importance of the problem to be solved; 

• Likelihood of adoption; 

• Project parties’ experience and level of cash contributions; 

• Likelihood of an acceptable commercial return to APRIL. 

What if my project does not meet the criteria? 
You should potentially consider an application under APRIL’s R&D or Commercialisation Project programs.