Student Project Reports

Student Project Reports for completed APRIL-supported projects can be found below. Further Student Project Reports will be added as they become available.

  • The effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor on the fertility of extended boar semen (Honours project, Kaitlin Beltakis, The University of Adelaide; 2022). Confidential.

  • Alternate methods to detect and quantify urocanic acid in domesticated pig (Sus domesticus) blood serum (DVM Project, Bianca Hatze, The University of Sydney; 2022). Project Report

  • Characterising farrowing and piglet viability using a modified APGAR scoring system to predict piglet performance (DVM Project, Ryan Kristen, The University of Sydney; 2021). Project Report

  • Role of the Brix refractometer in predicting piglet survivability in relation to colostrum intake (DVM Project, Brittany Fleming, Murdoch University; 2021). Project Report.

  • Data analysis to identify inherited conditions in an Australian commercial pig herd (Honours Thesis, Stephanie Shields, The University of Sydney; 2021). Project Report.

  • Aspects of antimicrobial resistance in Australian swine-origin Pasteurella multocida (Honours Thesis, Suzanna Jones, Murdoch University; 2021). Project Report.

  • Amelioration of gastrointestinal damage with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in the heat stressed pig (Honours Thesis, Eva Vidacs, The University of Melbourne; 2018). Project Report.

A number of PhD theses have also been completed as part of the Pork CRC-APRIL, as follows:

  • Dr Tanya Laird; Novel approaches for managing and controlling antimicrobial resistance in pigs (Murdoch University; 2022).
  • Dr Felix Egger; Gas phase production of mixed culture phototrophic bacteria (The University of Queensland; 2021).
  • Dr Jeremy Ayre; Advances in treatment of anaerobic digestate of piggery effluent using microalgae (Murdoch University; 2021).
  • Dr Rousset Palou; Use of plant derived compounds to condition piglet intake at weaning and reduce post-weaning use of therapeutics(The University of Queensland; 2018).

 Copies of a PhD thesis are available upon request.