Project Reports

Project Reports for completed APRIL projects can be found below. Further Final Reports will be added as they become available.

1. Industry Priority Projects 2020/21

  • 6A-103 Easing the weaning transition: large piglets from large pellets. Mr Robert Hewitt (CHM Alliance). Confidential

2. Innovation Projects 2019:

  • 5A-101: Real-time, In-field water testing. Dr Louise Edwards and Mr Robert Parkes (Ridley Agriproducts Pty Ltd.). Confidential.
  • 5A-102: Insect meal from pork-processing-derived material. Dr Kristy DiGiacomo (The University of Melbourne). Summary. Final Report.
  • 5A-103 Development of a Streptococcus suis vaccine via measurement of immune responses to four different S. suis vaccine preparations, using an Australian cps2 ST25 strain. Summary. Final Report.
  • 5A-104: Low dose dietary strategies in late gestation to enhance born alive and piglet survival and performance. Dr Jessica Craig [Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd.]. Summary. Final Report.
  • 5A-107: Using algal extracts to improve weaner growth performance and digestibility. Mr Robert Parkes (Ridley Agriproducts Pty Ltd.). Summary. Final Report.

3. Investment Round 1 Projects:

  • A1-102 Proof of concept: Oral Fluids and quantitative assessment of Porcine Chronic Respiratory Disease (PCRD) in Australian field conditions. Dr Jessica Craig [Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd.]. Summary. Final Report.
  • A1-104 Developing remote monitoring methods for early detection of respiratory disease in pigs. Dr Ellen Jongman (The University of Melbourne). Summary. Final Report.
  • A1-106 A lab on a chip for real time pain and animal welfare biomarker measurement. Dr Abel Santos (The University of Adelaide). Summary  
  • A3A-102 Review of relationships between energy intake and performance and body composition changes in 60-108 kg pigs with modern genetics using a DXA scanner. Dr Fan Liu [Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd.]. Summary. Final Report.
  • A3A-103 Feeding a single diet to pigs in the grower/finisher stage to reduce feed costs and improve feed efficiency. Dr Karen Moore (Pork Innovation WA). Summary. Final Report.
  • A3B-103 Identifying reciprocal chromosomal translocations in boars to reduce early embryo mortality. Dr Darryl D’Souza (SunPork Solutions). Summary.

4. Commercialisation Projects:

  • 7C-001: BONIFF-SMEC: An in-field practical delivery mechanism for improved weaner piglet performance (Anatara Lifesciences Ltd.). Summary. Final Report.

5. Pork CRC Carryover Projects to APRIL:

  • 2A-116 Pre-farrowing health and welfare assessment of sows. Dr Kim Bunter (AGBU-University of New England). Final Report.
  • 2A-119 Development of a quantitative PCR test for swine dysentery. Emeritus Professor David Hampson (Murdoch University). Confidential.
  • 3B-114 Development of a ‘healthy pork’ resource for use by consumers, health professionals and regulatory bodies: summary and dissemination of Pork CRC human nutrition research. Dr Karen Murphy (University of South Australia). Summary. Final Report.
  • 4A-110 Integrated wastewater treatment plant (iWWTP) data collection (January – April 2019). Professor Howard Fallowfield (Flinders University).  Final Report.
  • 4B-128 The use of 15N as a biomarker for feed conversion efficiency (FCE) in pigs using blood and hair samples. Dr (Paul) Long Cheng (The University of Melbourne). Final Report.
  • 4C-119 Bio-upgrading piggery biogas by growing algae, for value-add end uses. A/Prof Paul Jensen (The University of Queensland). Summary. Final Report.
  • 8C-013 An assessment of an attenuated live streptomycin-dependent Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP) vaccine (serovar 15) delivered either intranasal or as a combination of intranasal and intramuscular injection. [Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd.]. Summary. Final Report.

6. Other Projects:

  • Facility-Funded Study (SunPork Solutions): A3A-104 Feeding a single diet versus phase feeding to pigs in the growing-finishing phase. Summary. Final Report.
  • Facility-Funded Study [Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd.]: A3A-105 Evaluation of phase feeding compared to a single diet strategy. Summary. Final Report.