The Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd. (APRIL), through AusScan Online, has licensing opportunities for in vivo NIR energy cereal calibrations for pigs (swine), poultry and ruminants.

APRIL isseeking engagement with grain buyers, laboratories, feed mills or producers to sub-license the in vivo NIR energy cereal calibrations. A sub-licence will allow access to the AusScan Online website and a pay as you go system for:

  • In vivo energy cereal calibrations for pigs, poultry and ruminants;
  • Reactive lysine calibrations for soybean and canola.

For further information, please visit, https://www.growag.com/listings/commercial-opportunity/april-ausscan-licensing-opportunity-for-in-vivo-nir-energy-cereal-calibrations-for-pigs-swine-poultry-and-ruminants.