APRIL Commercialisation Projects

An APRIL Commercialisation Project addresses the issue where the path to market of a product, service or technology may be close and additional co-investment, that would commonly include other investors, may assist in bringing it to realisation.

There is no lower or upper limit on the monetary value of a Commercialisation Project grant. However, a Commercialisation Project requires a minimum external co-investment contribution of 20% of the total cash project cost. Funding Rules for research schemes funded by APRIL stipulate that no overhead (indirect cost recovery) can be charged.

Duration of a Commercialisation Project is also negotiable if beyond 12-18 months.

For any further information or any questions, or to apply for an APRIL Commercialisation Project, complete the relevant proposal form and the Budget and Milestones template and email to Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, at c.rikardbell@april.org.au

The APRIL Commercialisation Project scheme is open all year round.