APRIL education awards [now closed]

To build upon APRIL’s current research and education and training investments, APRIL is currently seeking applications to support its education program and assist in further building capacity for the Industry. A number of different opportunities exist for undergraduate/postgraduate students, as follows:

  1. Support for DVM/undergraduate Veterinary Science projects.
  2. Scholarship Awards for Honours students.


Eligibility varies according to the different scheme being applied for. Make sure the Guidelines associated with each opportunity are read thoroughly before starting/submitting an application.

How do I apply?

For information on applications, please refer to the relevant guidelines document below.

Completed applications should reach APRIL by the closing date, and the outcomes will be announced as soon as possible thereafter. The APRIL Education Advisory Committee will assess all applications against APRIL-related criteria.

Applications should be lodged electronically to j.pluske@april.org.au. Questions on any of the Awards should be directed to Professor John Pluske at (email) j.pluske@april.org.au, or 0410 436871.

Important dates

Applications open: 18 May 2020
Applications close: 12 June 2020