Research grant to help improve stress resilience in pigs

Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited, The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, SunPork Solutions and Rivalea Australia have secured an Australian Research Council Linkage grant to support a $900,000 research project to improve pig welfare by modulating stress resilience. ARC funding for the three-year project, ‘Early stress experiences and stress resilience in pigs’, was $450,000 with an additional $449,393 cash from other partners, of which $100,000 was from APRIL. APRIL CEO and Chief Scientist John Pluske said the ARC grant was very significant, with improving pig welfare a hot button issue in the Australasian pork industry.
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AusScan Energising Feed Grain Evaluation

AusScan calibrations for pig faecal digestible energy and ileal DE for cereal grains have been upgraded on completion of Pork CRC Project 4B-117, ‘Strengthening the AusScan pig DE, DE intake index NIR calibrations’. The project determined pig ileal and faecal DE and faecal DE intake index of 67 new grains: 22 wheat, 13 barley, 8 triticale, 4 sorghum and 20 maize samples. Improved accuracy and robustness were also achieved by adding this data, according to Charles Rikard-Bell, Manager Commercialisation and Research Impact, with Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited (APRIL). “The NIR calibrations show significant improvement due to the larger number of new samples and range of cereals added,” Dr Rikard-Bell said. Since the last update in 2013, significant new cereal data has been added to the calibration dataset. The revised calibrations have improved the faecal DE prediction by 22 per cent and can now also predict the faecal DE of maize.
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2018 APRIL & Pork CRC Stakeholders’ Day & AGMs

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.35.54 am

APRIL Communications Manager, Brendon Cant, was in Melbourne for the 2018 APRIL & Pork CRC Stakeholders’ Day & AGMs on November 15. The morning after he snapped APRIL’s Board meeting. Australian Pork Newspaper kindly published a full page of Brendon’s pictures in its December 2018 issue.


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2019 Pig Industry Year Book

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