Industry Placement Program Starts in APRIL

Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited (APRIL) is considering eight applications from Australia and New Zealand, by producers, technology supply companies and veterinary groups, in the first call under APRIL’s Industry Placement Program (IPP).
APRIL Board has approved funding for education in 2018/19 to support IPPs, under a scheme similar to that successfully initiated in
Co-operative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork, plus top-up postgraduate scholarships and honours projects.
APRIL will provide the successful business applicant with $70,000 over the first two years to help cover salary and other costs associated with training the graduate/postgraduate for three years.
APRIL Education Committee will make at least one call and potentially two, subject to budget, annually for IPP awards.
APRIL’s Education Committee, comprising Prof Frank Dunshea (Chair), University of Melbourne, Prof John Pluske, Murdoch University, Dr Eugeni Roura, University of Queensland, Dr Darryl D’Souza SunPork, Dr Rob Smits, Rivalea, Ms Heather Channon, APL and Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, Pork CRC, will meet in September to consider the applications.
Interim APRIL CEO and former CRC CEO Roger Campbell said creating opportunities for graduates and post-graduates in the workforce by partnering with industry had been a successful Pork CRC platform for several years, with five IPPs being awarded under a South Australian government employment initiative which finished on June 30.
“Pork CRC’s Industry Placement Program placed more than a dozen highly credentialed young people in jobs where they engaged their academic skills and qualifications and added value to their workplaces with innovative ideas and typically youthful enthusiasm,” Dr Campbell said.

Weaver Campbell PPPE 2018

Dr Alice Weaver with Acting APRIL CEO Dr Roger Campbell at the 2018 Pan Pacific Pork Expo.

Dr Weaver’s University of Adelaide PhD was supported by Pork CRC and in 2016 she was the first Industry Placement Program appointment under South Australian Government funding to Pork CRC.

 APRIL projects to progress pigs and pork

Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited (APRIL) research and development projects for 2018/19 to enhance the competiveness and sustainability of the Australasian pork industry have now been announced.
APRIL funded projects to a total value of more than $900,000.
All successful applicants have now been advised, with all providing an additional 20 to 25 per cent cash contribution to the APRIL funding.

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 Mutton announces Peacock appointment to pork body

Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited Chairman Dennis Mutton has announced the appointment of Dr Tony Peacock as an Independent Director.
CEO of the Canberra-based Cooperative Research Centres Association since 2010, Dr Peacock is a former Managing Director of the Pig Research and Development Corporation and was CEO of a successful CRC for a decade.
A reproductive scientist, he holds a Bachelor degree in agriculture and a PhD in veterinary science from the University of Sydney.
Welcoming Dr Peacock to APRIL’s June Board meeting in Adelaide, Mr Mutton said he would add a significant skill set to the Board.

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Dennis Mutton & Tony Peacock_0071

Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited Chairman Dennis Mutton (left) welcomed newly appointed APRIL Board member Dr Tony Peacock at APRIL’s June Board meeting in Adelaide, South Australia.



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