Reproduction – Project Reports

A 3B-101 - Using GnRH analogues for fixed-time AI and pregnancy support to address seasonal infertility in sows – Sean O’Leary – University of Adelaide

A 3B-102 - Nutritional supplementation to increase the number of pigs weaned and fertility of sows which farrow and are mated during summer / early autumn – William van Wettere – University of Adelaide

A 3B-103 - Identifying reciprocal chromosomal translocations to reduce early embryo mortality - Darryl D’Souza – SunPork Solutions

A 3B-104 - Seasonal fertility: a novel approach to alleviating seasonal infertility in sows – Kate Plush – SunPork Solutions

A 3B-105 - Effects of negative DCAD and vitamin D in transition diets to increase piglet weaning numbers, improve piglet weaning weight, and minimise sow condition loss during lactation – Alice Weaver – Myora Farms


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