Program 1



Program 1: Securing more reliable and consistent supplies of protein and energy for pig diets

Program Manager; Dr Ray King

Securing more reliable and consistent protein and energy supplies for pig diets via innovative grain and pulse production, quality assessment and co-product utilisation will result in
a) reduced variation in the annual cost of pig feed
b) reduced total cost of pig feed
c) a wider range of feed ingredients available to more producers
d) a closer match of diet specifications to pig requirements

Subprogram 1A: Innovative grain production

Subprogram Manager: Dr Ray King

Key Deliverables :
Commercial quantities of cereals (triticale and barley) and pulses (peas and lupins) that grow close to pig-producing regions, and that have a high yield, cost-effective agronomy and acceptable nutritional characteristics for pigs

A Guide to the Use of Triticale in Livestock Feeds – 2002 GRDC report by Dr Rob van Barneveld

Subprogram 1B: Quality assessment of feed ingredients

Subprogram Manager: Dr John Black

Key Deliverables:
a) Adoption, implementation, enhancement and maintenance of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) calibrations for measurement of the nutritional quality of cereals for pigs
b) rapid and objective analytical methods for the measurement of nutritional quality in pig feed ingredients (other than cereals)
c) processing methods to increase the nutrient yield from target grains (eg enzyme applications)

Subprogram 1C: Wider range of feed ingredients for use in pig diets

Subprogram Manager: Dr. Ray King

Key Deliverables:
a) Identified potential for production of non-traditional or alternative protein and energy sources for pigs within existing grain production systems across Australia
b) assessment of the nutritional potential of novel protein and energy sources
c) production and delivery of non-traditional and alternative protein and energy sources for the pig industry

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